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This is me Nadja and Danielle … Let me introduce us to you!


We have a lot in common… First of all, we love our job, our kids, our husbands … and we both panic often over small things but we both have our lovely husbands that cool us down lol… we also love Vegas, ha ha, that’s by the way where I met Danielle for the first time … I went to the WPPI convention with my other photographer friend and we met Danielle at the MGM for coffee. I instantly thought she was a keeper! Thanks to Facebook, we still keep in touch and last year she captured my wedding in Las Vegas, so it was Vegas again! I love Danielle’s work– I love how you can totally count on her, and how she always comes up with the best ideas and solutions! She always has a solution …. ha ha ha.

So this is our project! – we, Danielle and I, decided that she should come to Switzerland and help me capture a marathon of boudoir sessions. Why her? Cause Danielle is bringing many experiences and many other Ideas!

Danielle is flying in to Switzerland the first week of June 2016! We are planning 3 sets of boudoir! Indoor, Outdoor, and Ethereal. Let me tell you some things about Ethereal – I’ve never seen work like this from any other photographers, just know that Danielle is bringing the frosted panel along – the great thing about Ethereal is that there is no make up or hairdo needed! How great its that? its fine art silhouettes of your body behind glass – love it and I already sign up for this session for myself!

Indoor and Outdoor session are going to be awesome as well – for outdoor, we are planning with some ideas, such as horse, bed some fancy chairs – and mostly some sweet models. We need to have the perfect weather for this session – otherwise the outdoor will be moved to a indoor scene! Indoor – we are working with chandelier, bed, chair, rugs whatever is suited for our shooting stars! As for both indoor and outdoor there is make up and hair included and arranged from us as well! Champagne and strawberries to keep the mood going!

Honestly, I am so excited for this project!

If any of these 3 projects are in your interests, please call me or text me I will keep you posted with the information needed!

I would love to have you at this session!

xoxo nadja & danielle

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3 day boudoir shootings in Zürich


Photo by Danielle Biel

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