rockabilly … for charity

yeahhh finally I am finished with a quick preview for my last theme session!

First of all thank you to our wounderful Rockabilly-ladies for beeing a part of this special Event. Strong woman photosession, a charity for “Pink Ribbon Switzerland”. It was just an amazing time, although with many sleepless nights, before and after, especially for me. A nerv racking session – a super challenge for me, especially because I do only work with natural lights, beeing this session was booked for 9pm till midnight, this was “ja” somewhat challenging for me.

We started doing our make over at 1pm at the studio at KKA … and honestly I didn’t hit the bed until 2am. I could not feel my feet any more …

we where able to photoshoot the styled ladies at the Cindys Dinner in Zürich – just perfect for this theme!

Melanie did the amazing work of make up and styling, thankfully the weather was beeing nice as well so I could prior to the session start doing some outdoor shots.

thank you also to UNIKAT PIERCING AND MORE for sponsoring some of the lovely dresses for us… -I even bought one for myself after the session, just cause every woman needs to have a rockabilly dress in her closet … lol

enough said, I am just happy and blessed with all my rockababes …

check it out!

NOT to forget – to keep my nervs down on sessions like this – I usually hire a back up photographer! Big thanks to my best friend Michael M-Photogesign – check out his website for some more photos!

happy night und happy weekend you all!


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