my past weekend …

I want to thank so many lovely people for this amazing experience over the previous 3 days …
This past weekend I was learning all about the beauty of Boudoir! Danielle a professional photographer came from L.A. To be my one in one teacher. She showed me how nice and easy it can work. I completely feel in love with the whole experience, learning so many great things about BOUDOIR and what it’s all about …

We started Friday with our Boudoir Outdoor. Although the weather has not been cooperating with us, since it has been raining on and off here in Switzerland. We decided to shoot outdoor anyway no matter what. I’m so glad we did … though it made shooting on Friday more stressful and but also offered more to learn. Especially the light changes, as this isn’t the case photographing indoor.

Saturday we moved to our great location Flumserei. That’s where we started with “Ethereal”. – for me the most beautiful experience of them all. I am glad to get the chance to offer this kind of session to you soon. More info will follow … stay tuned!!!!

We wrapped up Sunday with the Boudoir Indoor. It was so peaceful and calm to shoot, I was overwhelmed how Danielle was posing so nicely and sexy to make the shoots going extremely easy. – I really hope I will. remember the “arching” and “bum up” tricks … so excited to do this again.

I am thanking also the two great girls Rahel (my hairdresser by the way) and Njomëza (I could not remember her name this whole weekend so I called her “sum sum”) – don’t ask why … both of them did amazing and great work, it was just what we where looking for …

I am still in awe about the whole thing and so grateful Danielle came all the way to Switzerland to teach me all about it… it was amazing … here is a short impression of the Boudoir Indoor, there will be more pictures to see soon!

Have a happy day!

Shades (Ethereal by Danielle Biel in L.A.)
– offering soon by ntphotography!!!!!!!!


short preview

Hair and Make up by : Nurideluxe, Näfels (Rahel & Njomëza)


Hair and Make up by : Nurideluxe, Näfels (Rahel & Njomëza)

Model: Michelle Grab


Beautiful… But anonymous

“No one knows it’s you,
a gorgeous way
to celebrate your beauty”


soon more photos to come!


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